"Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy –

The Good News for So Many Women" – Part 2

Dr. Camille Semple-Daly, DO & Melody Meyer, LMT

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Dr. Camille Semple-Daly completed her undergraduate studies at Cornell University and received her medical degree from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-SOM. She started Access Women’s Health OB/GYN in 2004, where compassionate Gynecologic care remains her focus.

Melody Meyer, LMT is a New Jersey Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and has been in private practice in Stratford, NJ since 1995. Melody is the mid-Atlantic states instructor for Compassionate Touch®–specialized eldercare workshops for healthcare professionals. Her practice in Therapeutic massage, essential oil therapies, and wellness education supports the needs of adults of all ages and stages of their lives.

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Girlfriends Magazine Survey of Boomer Women POD CAST!
On the July 23 installment of “Boomer Generation Radio,” Rabbi Address speaks with Tobi Schwartz-Cassell, owner and editor-in-chief of Girlfriendz magazine and Dr. Vicki Handfield, PsyD, author of the Girlfriendz-Dr. Vicki 2012 “Boomer State of Mind” Survey, focusing on attitudes of Baby Boomer women. An article on the survey results appeared in the March 2013 issue of the magazine.



They’re here—the results of our inaugural Girlfriendz-Dr.Vicki 2012 -PAXP-deijE“Boomer State of Mind” Survey! And while there are many variations among our individual life paths, our survey shows that most of us are optimistic about achieving our dreams.

Follow this link to see the "Boomer State of Mind" Results:


Then check out the article about "Boomer Women" in this months "Girlfriendz" Magazine!






On a rainy weekend, I was so happy, so energized. I did a lot of cleaning and reorganizing – I scrubbed floors, took the porch apart and gave it a mid-summer cleaning, washed curtains and even polished silverware! I was bopping around, enjoying music, enjoying silence, enjoying the immediate gratification of cleaning. I know you’re thinking – wow, she’s out of her mind! Yes I am, and very proud of it, as a matter of fact!


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Follow Dr. Vicki to Get Healthy, Get Happy

I have had my own health scare wake up call, made my own life enhancing changes.  Now I am committed to sharing what is working for me and my clients. I can get you on a realistic path to your life of health and happiness with my proven 6 step plan.

Are You Ready to Get Motivated?

Habits are hard to improve – we have all tried many times and have felt the pain of failure and the joy of success.

I weigh 50 pounds less now than I did in the mid-1990’s, I exercise regularly, have great habits for sleeping, eating, being organized, and I really enjoy life!

Working on myself and helping thousands of clients as a psychologist has given me the ability to help anyone who is motivated for personal change.

My Stroke

I had a stroke in 2006, and was incredibly fortunate to have had no damage. It was a giant wake-up call! I began to realize my opportunities are unlimited and my lifetime is limited (how much is impossible to know, but we’re still talking here!). I set out to accomplish and experience many things I had always ‘meant’ to do. As a result, I have an incredibly enjoyable, wondrous life and my goal is to share my life and my approach with many  people.Life is just too short.  I want to help you improve your experience of life, from this moment forward.

Life's Pleasures

Life has so many pleasures especially when we have the clarity to really see.  I find nature to be nourishing; many of us are too isolated in our homes and workplaces, while nature is right outside. I love music, especially dancing and drumming. I had a lot of insecurity about learning how to play the drums and discovered that at my age (almost 60) I finally have the perseverance to learn a challenging skill. What dreams do you have?

I am enjoying becoming older more than I ever thought was possible. My generation has amazing opportunities for health and growth, more than ever before in human history! I really love talking with other women and men in my mature age range who are still discovering vast reaches of exciting personal exploration.

Being physically and mentally healthy is the goal of the Get Healthy Get Happy program. When making healthy changes one step at a time, you will begin to notice the benefits:

  •  You will sense an upbeat change in mood.
  •  You will  experience  more energy.
  •  You will  feel better about yourself.
  •  You will see positive changes in your relationships.

These are just  a few of the benefits that will come your way with my program. Making healthy lifestyle changes, step by step, can create a much happier life with the right approach and a little help. Find out how the Get Healthy Get Happy program can make positive healthy changes in your life.

For my latest Get Healthy, Get Happy Events and Workshops, visit my Events page.

To learn more or to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation, call me today at 609 386 5941.

Dr. Vicki, What are my options for getting started?

Well, first off you can contact me by phone or email for our first conversation. We need to talk to be sure my services are right for you. Then we’ll look at the different choices for individual or group work. If you want more specifics before we talk, check out my Services page on this site; the Services page has a lot of information to help you begin to decide how you want to start working with me.









































































































































































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