Get More Assertive

You can feel calmer, confident and
powerful when you voice your opinions.

by Vicki Handfield

Assertiveness Skills

Many people are lacking assertiveness skills for fear of not pleasing others and not being liked. A simple example to demonstrate this is not being able to let a waiter or waitress know that the food is not done correctly or to your specifications. Since most servers or managers want you to be happy, they would prefer to know if there is a problem so they can resolve it.

When the problem is resolved it results in you, the customer, leaving happy and telling others about the great service. It is possible to resolve problems in a friendly, civil manner, then you both win. That is really one of the main points of the Get Healthy, Get Happy, Assertive Program! You will feel more confident, calmer and more powerful if you are able to voice your opinions, needs or problems in a straight-forward, clear manner.

Get Assertive Program

Norman Rockwell

The starting point in building assertiveness skills, in the Get Assertive Program, starts with recognizing and becoming more aware of problem situations—such as when you wanted to say or do something but chose instead to remain silent or let it slide. Next, think of what you could have said and done to be more assertive. We can then brainstrom these situations and discuss what needs to be done to sharpen your skills to be more assertive.

Discuss Solutions

When people are able to talk these choices over, they become much more able to express themselves naturally. It is like practicing for a part in a play or movie, you would keep rehearsing your lines until they flow. If we repeatedly discuss the solutions and options, you will find yourself getting more comfortable in situations requiring you to be more assertive. Most of the time, these situations work out for the best. When they do not, we go back to the drawing board, figure out what went wrong and start again. Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes.

If you have questions about these assertiveness communication tips or would like to know more about my 6 step plan to help with  lasting life experience improvement, please let me know by contacting me and I will be glad to help you create the positive healthy, happy changes you want to make. As you make these changes, you will be pleasantly surprised at how powerful they are for you.

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