So It’s The Holidays; How Much Stress Are You Feeling?

I hope it’s not a lot, hope you’re having a blast, enjoying the prep, enjoying the good times already!

If I’m not speaking to you, take a look at this pic and see that nature has holiday colors, big time. It may be that holiday traditions originated using these colors for simple reasons – they were already there!


Take some deep breaths and vow to relax some and open yourself up to all the joys of this season!

There isn’t a whole lot of time left, so pare your list down drastically. Tell people if you haven’t the time or the patience for shopping for gifts for them – tell them you will take them out for lunch or dinner after the holidays. Tell them you love them and will get tickets for a concert so  you can spend some serious quality time together. Don’t drive yourself into a panic attack, worrying about whether it’s just the perfect gift for any particular person. Trust that you will either find just the right thing or you’ll do something great together later on.

There are no rules, there are no requirements, only those we inflict on ourselves – we are our own worst critics and we can stop doing this to ourselves. When we choose to enjoy, expand and allow ourselves to love life – life loves us right back!

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