Ok, It’s Officially Spring…


Ok, it’s officially Spring. Why do so many of us get so frustrated when we know from long experience that it’s often chilly, damp, downright cold during the emergence of spring. We get impatient with the totally normal unfolding of the season. How many times has it actually been cold and rainy on Memorial Day Weekend?!

Ok, It's Officially Spring…

Our society is impatient, our culture teaches us to get frustrated. We have these patterns deeply ingrained, they have become automatic reactions. Some of it is natural too – like a progressing pregnancy – you just want it to be over, already!

These patterns interfere with our capacity to enjoy the moments we have in this life, whether it’s spring or another time of year. Our culture teaches us to avoid looking at, accepting, things like decomposing, or aging. Decomposition is natural and necessary for growth and change, in fact for life itself.

We often lack the respect reserved for elders in other societies; our lack of tolerance for decomposing materials is a mirror image of this lack of respect. Those who do composting are more in touch with these aspects of real life; there certainly are many among us who are working to get more in touch with the elements, the deeper realities of being here now.

In order to get more in touch, there are a few things, activities, that can be very helpful. Taking walks in the woods is very helpful. I’m going to be doing these as group activities soon, please let me know if you are interested. Meditation is a huge help too; these are things that slow us down to a more human pace, and help us be in touch with the real aspects of ourselves, our lives. We are trying to become accustomed to a frantic pace, secondary to technology in our world. It is really doable to do both – use the technology and slow it down, internally. We are adapting to the rush of tech; it is here to help us, not make us frantic.

When you are able to slow down, you become a lot more appreciative of what we have, a lot more ready to see the details of spring unfolding, really ready to enjoy the flowers. When we are rushed, frantic, overwhelmed, the irony is that the flowers flash by too, just like everything else we see, and we miss out on the opportunity to deeply access the sources of true joy. Let yourself life and love, taking in the dark and the light, the slow and the quick, this perspective will deepen your love of life.

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