About Dr. Vicki Handfield

I began practicing as a clinical psychologist in 1982, after more than twelve years of full time education and training. In late 2009 I began to develop Get Healthy, Get Happy, as a distillation of my professional experience and personal development. I have enjoyed helping people overcome painful life experiences and internal struggles, and find it deeply gratifying to see them function better and enjoy life a lot more.

I have worked hard at overcoming my own personal challenges also. In 2006 I had a stroke, and was very fortunate, having no residual damage. This was a huge eye-opener and I realized just how precious good health really is, for all of us. I upped my exercise habits, and decided to do the things I had always wanted to do. We all have aspects of ourselves that remain un-(or under) developed.

First I took classes in making stained glass, which I had always loved. Then I began taking drum lessons. Then I learned how to do Zydeco dancing, which is native to Louisiana. In doing these things I began to feel absolutely exuberant, frequently. This has been very instructive and I have used these experiences to help me shape Get Healthy, Get Happy.

Essentially, when you give yourself permission, and encouragement – you can do what you really want to do. When you feel better you get the basics done quickly and easily. You feel a lot less stressed and have more to give to those who matter to you. Your problem-solving abilities become more creative. I enjoy sharing these insights with others and invite you to contact me to find out more.

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