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After years of clinical experience I have seen time and time again the central role motivation plays in our efforts to improve ourselves and our lives. And when it comes to motivation, one central truth stands out—THE MOST EFFECTIVE MOTIVATION IS ONE THAT BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN US.

Guilt, shame, nagging by our internal critic are never successful motivators. The little we may gain by treating ourselves this way is more than erased by the destruction of our self esteem; ironically the very thing we are trying to restore.

I believe in the power of healthy motivation and I am committed to making it a cornerstone of my program. It’s my goal to show you how to tap into that same power of motivation so that you can achieve your goals based on bringing out the Best in You.

To that end and with you in mind I’ve developed the following option for your choosing; it’s in your hands….


Getting Started with Dr. Vicki

Let’s check each other out and see if it’s a good fit!

This is a low fee plan to get started Getting Healthy and Happy.


2- 45 minute sessions, face-to-face

One 15 minute phone check-in and

Email check-ins.

This discount will give you a great start and both of us will find out if we work together well enough to continue successfully.

When you sign up for this Introductory Coaching Plan, I’ll send you a helpful format for letting me know what you want to work on,

what your history with this habit has been, and what your motivation is all about.


Get Healthy, Get Happy Packages: For All Needs & All Pockets


Program A:    8 Weeks to GHGH Success

This is for people with high motivation. Expected results will be achieving your No. 1 Goal. This program is different because it shows that your commitment to healthy change is serious.  All individual sessions are 45 minutes.

Program B:   Great Start to GHGH

For women and men with stress. Expected results will be feeling calmer, happier. This is different because you receive individual attention. We will identify your goal and be well on our way to achieving the result you need and want.  This is a 4 session plan.

Program C:    Work With Your Friends – Reduce Stress, Enjoy Life

This is a group, working together with me to achieve one goal each, in great company. This is different because you receive great group sharing and support, as well as my expert help.

Program D: Tweaking and Maintaining

This is ongoing support and assistance for women who are already succeeding in healthifying themselves! Expected results are polishing and refining your changes, and/or picking new goals. This is different because you are already succeeding and feeling a lot happier!


To Create Positive Change

  1. Get clear on what you want
  2. Set your ultimate goal and be specific
  3. Break it down into small action steps
  4. Develop rewards for milestones and success
  5. Create a journal to record your results
  6. Get an accountability partner


To learn more or to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation, call me today at 609 386 5941

Dr. Vicki, What are my options for getting started?

Well, first off you can contact me by phone or email for our first conversation. We need to talk to be sure my services are right for you. Then we’ll look at the different choices for individual or group work.


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