"I have known Dr. Handfield personally for 7 years. I went to her seeking help with weight loss. I lost 12 pounds in two months and have changed my eating habits. I feel great. Dr. Handfield has been a great help and I would highly recommend her services.”
Stephen Wenger


“I met Vicki five years ago through her involvement in the Main Street Development Project. Her professionalism, commitment to others and depth of caring come across easily to others. Whether she's helping clients conquer their goals or lending her expertise in the community, she always brings her best to the table each and every time.”
Joan Nowak


"The difference in Dr. Handfield’s approach jumped out at me in our very first meeting. From the focus on activities and building good habits, to Dr. Handfield’s insistence that I ignore the scale, the Get Happy Get Health program was a 180-degree change from everything I had tried before. I was flabbergasted when I realized that I had gotten into the habit of walking 1-2 miles a day 4-5 days a week, but it wasn’t until I “broke the rules” and stepped on a scale that I realized what a difference it had made. I’m now down 28lbs and counting… More importantly, having gotten into the habit of exercising (without thinking of it as really “exercising”) I find that I have so much more energy, and that I am genuinely happier every day. I am even discovering time that I didn’t know I had."
Chancellor Van Sciver


"I was having problems being organized with my time, and it was dragging down both my functionality and my happiness. Working with Vicki helped me figure out strategies that help me function better. She was great, both as a listener and for giving sound advice."
Clifford Wagner

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